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We offer the services below to cater to the varied requirements of our customers. Our staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.
We readily answer any queries or questions that you may have.


We offer professional, reliable, affordable Coway device installation services to our valued customers. That’s our mission as Iraq's number one water and air purifire company.

Filter Replace and Maintenance

Coway Iraq team takes care of your machine, you will no longer have to worry about whether your home machine is hygienic, there are still bacteria hiding somewhere. We replace and maintain the filter for you.

Full Warranty

Full warranty in case of product's dysfunctionality. Coway Iraq, saves you money, time and your healt.


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Erbil Branch

Sales: 0750 355 2424
Service: 0750 911 2424
Address:Italian City 1 - Office A6, Erbil
Opening Hours: 9am.-6pm.

Sulaimany Branch

Sales: 0750 355 2424
Service: 0750 911 2424
Opening Hours: 9am.-6pm.

Kirkuk Branch

Sales: 0770 906 7070
0770 903 6060
Service: 0772 808 2424
0770 477 3324 & 0750 477 3324
Address: Raheem awa Police Station, opposite Ashti Pharmacy
Opening Hours: 9am.-6pm.

Baghdad Branch

Sales: 0774 020 2424
Service: 0774 020 2424 Address: Business Avenue Rowad St, Baghdad 10010
Opening Hours: 9am.-6pm.

About Us

  • 01 We always make a healthy life with new ideas

    Now more than half the households of Korea and the people around the world always drink clean water, enjoy a healthy and pleasant life with the air purifier and bidet, and have a comfortable sleep on the bed mattress. All these sounded like a dream just 20 years ago, however, we have made them part of the daily life. The water purifier was once seen as a luxury because it was not a household product like the refrigerator and TV. That is why we started renting the expensive product for a small fee for the first time in the industry to enable many people to drink clean water. We recognized that our customers want their products to be kept clean. So we adopted Cody service, our service professionals, for the first time again in the industry. Always with new ideas, insights into people and the customers who recognize our sincerity, we have become No. 1 company in the industry and ranked 1st in brand awareness and market capitalization growth rate* in the Republic of Korea. We are rewarded with what we have achieved. However that is not enough to keep our heart beating. Does good technology make you healthy? Can what we do now make your family happy for a long time? This is why we care about invisible values. We do care about the essence of water and air, not the water purifier and air cleaner. We know best water and air, and we can provide care. We believe that making people healthy is what we can do best, so we challenge the world today with our sincerity. * Coway ranked No. 1 in brand value growth at Interbrand’s Best Korea Brands 2016, and No 1. in market capitalization growth rate among Korea’s top 500 companies in terms of market capitalization in 2015. (Source : CEO Score)

  • Established: May 2, 1989 No. of Employees: 4,781 persons Sales: USD 2,004 million (K-IFRS Consolidated Basis) Operating Profits: USD 401 million (K-IFRS Consolidated Basis) Product Group: water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, water softeners, mattresses, cosmetics, and other life convenience products Company Status: Ranked 1st in Korea Consumer Electronics Market Share & Brand Awareness Ranked: 1st in Water Purifier Section in KCSI, KS-SQI and NCSI in 2015 Awarded: ‘Korea 100 Best Companies to Work For’ Awards by GWP for 6 consecutive years (2011~2016)

  • Our products are ranged from home wellness appliances, including water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, and water softeners through mattresses that ensure a pleasant sleep to cosmetics for healthy beauty. We are capable enough to achieve a remarkable growth by taking on challenges in an unprecedented way. We adopted the industry’s first rental service system in 1998, and have been highly trusted by customers with the provision of sustainable care services through Cody, our service professionals. Eventually, we have ranked the top in the industry in terms of market share, customer satisfaction and brand value. We continue to focus on creating a better world instead of being satisfied with what we have achieved. Recently, we have established ourselves as a national life health solution company through ‘IoCare’, a life care solution that connects the IoT(Internet of Things) to our products and services. As a company, we will continue to grow together with society based on our spirit of challenge that has created and developed the market and our passion for making the world a better place. Coway’s care will change the world of tomorrow.

  • Since established in 1989, we have provided products and services that care about all aspects of life, including water, air, and sleep. Based on innovations that create and grow markets, we ranked top in the industry in term of market share, customer satisfaction and brand value.

  • We work with conviction and self-esteem that we care about people’s health and make their life convenient, thereby leading changes in the market. We take ‘Goodness’ as our business philosophy that we contribute to creating a better world through what we are doing.

  • Coway, which started as a venture company and grew into a large business, is highly acceptable to new proposals and flexible in communications. We have created a culture where our employees’ progress is seen as the company’s growth, creative thinking is encouraged, and achievement is made with voluntary enthusiasm.

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Italian City 1 - Office A6.


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